QUBE Token Set to Outperform Bitcoin & Ethereum in Efficiency Metrics

August 21, 2023 Aus Von admin

• InQubeta is a new crypto platform with the native token QUBE, which has the potential to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of efficiency.
• QUBE stands out as it has a deflationary model with 2% buy and sell tax directed to a burn wallet and an additional 5% buy and sell tax that enriches a reward pool.
• Not only does investing in QUBE provide financial returns but also supports AI start-ups through fractional investments facilitated by InQubeta’s NFT marketplace.

InQubeta’s Unique Model Could Outperform Established Cryptos

New players in the crypto space promise challenging innovations that could surpass the achievements of established giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Among these entrants is InQubeta with its native token QUBE, which top traders and analysts suggest can outperform even Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of efficiency.

The Genesis of InQubeta

InQubeta was created to fill a gap in the AI tech investment space, where investment opportunities remain restricted to privileged few. By facilitating fractional investments into AI ventures using QUBE tokens, InQubet not only supports these start-ups but also promotes broader growth of AI technology. This makes investing in QUBE more than just about financial return as investors are contributing to AI’s potential for revolutionizing countless lives.

The Deflationary Model of QUBE

As an ERC20 coin, QUBE is unique in its deflationary model which has 2% buy and sell tax directed to a burn wallet while an additional 5% buy and sell tax goes towards enriching a reward pool for holders. Its long-term growth potential combined with tangible returns make it one of the best altcoins for investors looking for value appreciation over time.

Comparing Efficiency between Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin is renowned for changing our perception on value and transactions while Ethereum’s smart contract functionality expanded blockchain technology horizons further still. However, both have faced scalability issues due to their limited transaction speeds caused by high energy consumption levels when compared against other blockchains such as IOTA or Ripple .

Can InQubeta Outperform Bitcoin & Ethereum?

It remains too early to tell whether or not InQubeta can outshine Bitcoin and Ethereum but its popularization among crypto traders suggests there may be some truth behind this prediction. With its deflationary model offering attractive returns coupled with its commitment towards supporting revolutionary projects through fractional investments, QUBE is certainly worth keeping an eye on!