Drive MATIC Adoption: Polygon Partners with Billion-Dollar Software Company

März 17, 2023 Aus Von admin

• Polygon Labs has partnered with Salesforce to introduce Salesforce Web3, an NFT management platform for designing token-based loyalty programs.
• The partnership is designed to allow Salesforce customers to access customer data in real-time, track Blockchain activities, and mint and trade NFTs.
• The move comes after Saleforce launched its NFT cloud pilot back in June 2022, aiming to help its customers build passionate brand communities.

Polygon Labs Partners with Salesforce

Polygon Labs has announced a new partnership with the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform Salesfores. The partnership introduces Salesforce Web3, an NFT management platform designed to allow Salesforce customers to design loyalty programs for their customers. Polygon is expanding its network reach and usability with the introduction of partnerships across different platforms in the fintech world.

Salesforce Web3 Platform

Using salesforce Web3, customers can access customer data in real-time, check Blockchain activities, as well as mint and trade NFTs. Ryan Wyatt tweeted while observing that Salesfore notes that most of its customers already use Ethereum or Polygon. Adam Caplan, the GM of Web3 at Salesforce highlighted the importance of cryptocurrency wallets for leading brands as market policies and rules evolve. He stated that “the crypto wallet becomes really powerful so I can directly engage with a customer and have access to that first-party data”.

Impact on Customers

The American cloud-based software company Saleforce offers services that help marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams of different brands and businesses across the globe. Its recent partnership with Polygon comes not long after it launched its NFT cloud pilot back in June of 2022. This was done in order to allow its NFT cloud customers to build communities passionate about their brand.

Will This Drive MATIC Adoption?

This strategic move by Polygon could potentially drive MATIC adoption due to more companies being able to create token based loyalty programs using their services through web3 platform provided by Saleforce which would increase demand for MATIC tokens amongst users who want rewards from these loyalty programs .


In conclusion , this new collaboration between Polygon Labs and Saleforce could potentially be a game changer for both companies allowing them greater reach into their respective markets . It remains uncertain what effects this will have on MATIC adoption but it could provide new opportunities for those looking get involved .