Unlock Your Ideas with Cartesi Community Grants Program!

Februar 22, 2023 Aus Von admin

• Cartesi launches a community-driven program to fund developers and help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem.
• The Community Grants Program provides financial and technical support for developers who have ideas but need assistance.
• CTSI tokens are used for governance, allowing members of the Cartesi community to signal their approval or disapproval of proposed grants.

Cartesi Launches Community Grants Program

Cartesi has launched its Community Grants Program, a community-driven initiative to fund a broad network of contributors looking to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem. Developers can submit their proposals for funding, which will be subject to feedback from the Cartesi community in order to increase its feasibility and potency. In addition, the Cartesi Foundation will periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that it believes are significant to the ecosystem.

Financial & Technical Support

The Community Grants Program provides not only financial support for developers, but also offers invaluable technical advice and strategic guidance in order to ensure successful projects within the Cartesi ecosystem. The program is an effort towards further decentralization of both developer engagement with the project as well as increased transparency in grant funding decisions.

CTSI Governance Function

The launch of this program ushers in a new governance function for CTSI tokens – users can signal their approval or disapproval of grant proposals using CTSI tokens. This allows members of the Cartesi community to influence what projects are being funded on the platform, as well as more easily connect with builders in the ecosystem who may require independent collaboration on certain initiatives.

Building Stronger Ecosystems

The goal behind launching this program is ultimately about building stronger ecosystems – improving access to resources that enable developers with incredible ideas get them off the ground, while providing valuable advice from experienced professionals that can potentially lead projects into success stories within their respective industries.

A Step Towards Decentralization

Cartesi’s Community Grants Program is an important step towards decentralizing control over platform activities by giving users more power in deciding what gets built on it through voting mechanisms like CTSI Tokens. It also encourages greater participation among stakeholders within its network by incentivizing potential collaborators looking to join forces with existing projects and offer assistance where needed